Tired of going around and around in circles but never getting anywhere?

Want to get MORE out of your lessons?

At Fine Idea we aim to pioneer a new training model for the thinking rider, leveraging years of competitive experience with the exploration of sports psychology, theory, biomechanics and the latest multimedia technology to provide a dynamic, all-encompassing approach, both in and out of the saddle. It’s our belief that there’s always more to learn.

Alongside lessons and training, we offer a unique and comprehensive multimedia package for mounted and unmounted analysis.

If you’re ready to try experiencing riding from a variety of new lenses, contact Abby for more information or to book a lesson today. Trailer-ins are welcome. We host clinicians for mounted and unmounted seminars on a regular basis.


Multimedia Training

Video Training Ride
  • Pixio video of entire training ride (includes upload and delivery)
Benchmark Progress Package
  • Invaluable visualization tool to create targeted plan for development of horse and rider
  • Edited video includes your choice of several current “benchmarks”
    • Conformation views
    • Clips of dressage work and schooling figures in all 3 gaits
    • Clips of jumping gymnastics
    • Selected stills to showcase horse/rider biomechanics
  • Includes meeting and discussion of targeted plan for progress
  • Bundle packages to track progress over time encouraged. Bundles include editing of Before + After comparison segments.

Contact Abby to coordinate multimedia training today!